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Downloads: 2377
Date added: 22. Feb 2004 02:50
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by bz!k
(1) I made the 3 difficulty levels. You can select one from them : -1_normal_hard_AI (AI from v1.0) -2_recommended_hard_AI (AI for skilled players) -3_unreal_hard_AI (AI for crazy mens) (2) More cops were added to "Hot Pursuit" game mode. They are more agressive now.
Downloads: 5481
Date added: 3. Nov 2002 03:37
Star rating: 0*
Camera V2
by Bill
Three new ingame camera views.
Downloads: 21069
Date added: 30. Oct 2002 13:38
Star rating: 0*
Car Manager
by Arushan
The ultimate way to easily add you car into NFS:HP 2
Downloads: 6594
Date added: 31. Oct 2002 10:32
Star rating: 1*
FSHTool v1.21
by Denis Auroux
This tool allows you to decompress the fsh files to bmp.
Downloads: 8884
Date added: 13. Dec 2002 09:37
Star rating: 0*
INI Car Editor
by DemonS
With this tool you can edit the .ini files.
Downloads: 5873
Date added: 28. Apr 2003 04:11
Star rating: 0*
Need For Speed Model Viewer
by Michael Pote
This util views .o model files with OpenGl acceleration and texture support.
This is a great way to preview a car with in-game graphics.
Downloads: 2047
Date added: 7. Feb 2003 07:37
Star rating: 0*
New Names
by The Dutchpeople
We changed the names of the opponents. For example: Ace = Teal�c Arrow = Jack�n�Jo
So we have changed all the names of the opponents.
Have fun with it!!!
Downloads: 7829
Date added: 2. Dec 2002 14:47
Star rating: 0*
NFS BMW Car Addon Patch
by Q Don Quinlan
This file includes both the:
NFS BMW M5 HP Car addition
NFS BMW Z8 HP Car addition
The original game did not include NFS HP BMW's, this adds them to the NFS Car Section. All original files and colors used, to keep this simple.
Enjoy... Q
Downloads: 2802
Date added: 3. Nov 2002 03:29
Star rating: 5*
NFS HP 2 Texter Beta 2
by feroCT5
With this tool you can read and edit all texts which occur in the game (Only in German).
Downloads: 13972
Date added: 3. Nov 2002 03:38
Star rating: 0*
NFSHP2 Music Converter
by ART_17
This is a mp3 to wma converter! Read the readme file for instructions on how to change your ingame music.
Downloads: 28336
Date added: 3. Nov 2002 03:33
Star rating: 0*
by gimpsRus
Use this tool to run the game without the cd in the drive. Only works with the original version.
Downloads: 10771
Date added: 8. Jul 2003 05:17
Star rating: 0*
NoCD Patch 242
by n/a
This is the nocd patch for the 242 version of the game.
Downloads: 7385
Date added: 28. Jan 2003 04:18
Star rating: 0*
Official 242 Beta Patch
by EA
This patch addresses force feedback problems and improves security for online races.
Downloads: 12197
Date added: 10. Nov 2002 04:12
Star rating: 0*
Savegame Editor 2.0
by mift0
Features: NFS points patcher, cars unlocker, pursuit cars unlocker, tracks unlocker, events unlocker, medal unlocker
Downloads: 10885
Date added: 3. Nov 2002 15:00
Star rating: 0*
VIV Editor
by Addict
This VIV Editor allows you to edit any VIV file from NFS3/4/6.
Downloads: 5853
Date added: 31. Oct 2002 16:13
Star rating: 0*
VIV Magic 1.10
by NFSHome
With this tool you can extract the textures (in fsh format) from the viv files.

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