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A Need for Speed World Challenge.
Welcome to Five Elements Challenge
Welcome to the WORLD Five Elements Challenge. This Challenge is all about creating a car based around one of the five elements. Use the bodywork along with vinyls to create something that represents one of the following elements: fire, water, air, earth and metal. Please read the following rules, and and remember to sign up, challenge yourself and support the tuners by watching this challenge!

With this competition, we will be giving away 10 codes for the Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione, courtesy of our friends over at EA. The creators of the top 3 entries will each receive a code for the Alfa, with the remaining 7 distributed randomly to users who complete the voting tour.

Final results

1. place
Wind by Kovgan-OFF

Score: 618
2. place
Fiery Lady by LadyMarmalade

Score: 571
3. place
-Juggernaut- by dannyel

Score: 558
4. place

Score: 538
5. place
.~ The Great Wave ~. by Rizur

Score: 529
6. place
[ BET ] by zip_mdd

Score: 526
7. place
.:Flaming Hot El Camino:. by T0MMY

Score: 521
8. place
AquaMarine by AnghelicA

Score: 513
9. place
element fire (fiery dragon) by yagi26

Score: 491
10. place
Chick on fire by harrowdown

Score: 482
11. place
doktordemonik by dog666

Score: 481
12. place
Firebolt El Camino by Cheesenium

Score: 479
13. place

Score: 478
14. place
Techno Fire by pepu

Score: 477
15. place
~Wave Cruiser~ by _BLAHHEAD_

Score: 471
16. place
:Sea Star: by DroneBG

Score: 471
17. place
Oceanic waves by DAMASOCHANDIA

Score: 467
18. place
corvette elien-metal by alberto madrid

Score: 460
19. place

Score: 459
20. place
Hellfire Silvia S15 by RENZOKYODAI

Score: 451
21. place
My comet by lnsane

Score: 444
22. place
_Sea_ by MacK

Score: 435
23. place
Elise on Fire by Shwarz

Score: 435
24. place
GreyFire by Hakkinen2

Score: 434
25. place
Kiran Alokkan by akiran003

Score: 417
26. place
3elwa by xxdarknessxx

Score: 415
27. place
night air_1 by reminor

Score: 406
28. place
fire and water. Ying&Yang GT by gregor1234

Score: 403
29. place
domspeed by zapdom

Score: 377
30. place
Fire by Witan

Score: 375
31. place
the flaming dragon by R2R0X

Score: 371
32. place
Fire Scirocco by LAndrew248

Score: 367
33. place
vo_oi by jokojo

Score: 367
34. place
ZooL by TheZooL

Score: 364
35. place

Score: 357
36. place
Alexander Vergara by Smirnoff75

Score: 350
37. place

Score: 344
38. place
Cops on Fire by joshdw

Score: 344
39. place
959-fire by Constantine12

Score: 341
40. place
DjSeRgYo by DjSeRgYo

Score: 338
41. place
Hell-Racer by Metallicamilo

Score: 320
42. place
s15/s15 by dreskillz

Score: 290
43. place

Score: 289
44. place
anonime by cesargtx

Score: 274
45. place
FireTT by Aditya6

Score: 272
46. place
fIrE sTrIkE by Enzo239

Score: 261
47. place
silvia by seishin69

Score: 253


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Dr Houbenheimer Australia
Dr Houbenheimer`s avatar

Comments posted: 3656
Date joined: March 2009
Last active: 80 days ago
by Dr Houbenheimer on 10. February 2012 06:04
Yeah guys, I have to agree the results are pretty weird.

Don't want to offend anyone, but in my personal opinion numbers 5-7 are all better than 2-4. I also think BLAHHEAD, DroneBG and a few others should have been higher.

Zip, we all know you should've been podium place at the least, but hey you do very well in all the other comps. and you know your ride was quality, so don't worry about it, I'm sure you'll make the podium next time. Same thing applies to Rizur etc.

Anyway, congrats to everyone, esp. Kovgan-OFF for finishing first. Good job guys, we'll have some more competitions soon.
TW1ST3R Australia
TW1ST3R`s avatar

Comments posted: 1232
Date joined: December 2008
Last active: 233 days ago
by TW1ST3R on 10. February 2012 13:51
Yes, congratulations to all who participated. For our veterans who didn't place as well as they probably should have, you'll be happy to know that we are planning some different types of competitions that will definitely challenge you to pull out all the stops and show us the value of experience

Stay tuned to the Facebook Page, and Showroom News Feed for more information on anything and everything NFSUnlimited

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