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Competitive Multiplayer, Prestige Mode and Activities are rolling into the next Living Game update,

coming [b]April 27th for PS4, Xbox One and PC[/b].


New Feature: SpeedLists

Multiplayer is an area that we know many of you are deeply passionate about, and we’re really excited to be bringing you SpeedLists, a feature which builds upon that competitive gameplay you’ve been requesting.

SpeedLists are a series of five pre-selected events that you compete in against other human opponents. Getting into the action is quick and easy, simply select the new SpeedList tile from the main menu, chose from Quick Play, Speed, Style or Mixed, and away you go.

At the end of each event you'll gain points for the place you finish. Then, once all events have been completed and the points tallied up, the final standings are displayed and the best racers shown off in a short cinematic sequence.

Once the winner has been crowned, the action starts again, meaning for those that enjoy competitive multiplayer racing, SpeedLists will quickly become the go-to choice.

[b]Player Titles[/b]

As you play SpeedLists you’ll soon find yourself awarded one of the titles below based on your overall position within the NFS Community. Be warned though… there can only be one World Champion.

Street Urchin

Sunday Driver

Wannabe Racer

Stick shifter

True Contender

Rising Star

Night Rider

Top Competitor

SpeedList Junkie

SpeedList Pro

SpeedList Master

Urban Legend

Chosen One

The 1%

Top 100

Top 10

World Champion

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