Update to SHIFT 2: Unleashed servers

by Hydro_PT at 17:17 • Comment (1)Link to news article

For anyone who still plays SHIFT 2: Unleashed, please be aware that today (February 6th), EA will be implementing an update to the game's servers. As a result of this update, players will [b]no longer be able to change their EA account password from within SHIFT 2: Unleashed[/b]. If you do attempt to change your password from within the game you will receive an error message stating that the new password is invalid.

In other words, if you change your EA/Origin account password, you will have to [b]start a new game[/b] in SHIFT 2 if you want to connect to Autolog and play online (if you don't use Autolog or play online, then you can keep your savegame).

This has long been an issue in SHIFT 2, and it seems that EA decided not to fix it. In case you really need to change your password, be ready to start your career from scratch in SHIFT 2. There is no word about other NFS games, so it shouldn't be an issue in Hot Pursuit, The Run (both use Autolog) or World.

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