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EVO Mode + bonuses

<< Silver SkyDarkside >> by ozzy89

Basic info

Need for Speed Underground 2
Car: Mitsubishi Lancer
Date added: Sunday, 18. April 2010
From garage: Back to Underground 2
Description: On first sorry for quality... i have only 1024 x 768 resolution... my graphic card sucks

i have two bonuses for You all my friends here thanks for great welcome back me here

first is better shot my last Subi

second is vid with the best polish rap feat Termanology damn! i love this track!

and if You are Mitsubishi fan, You can join to my group [link]


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Joined: 18. Apr 2010
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TuneRrr Poland
TuneRrr`s avatar

Comments posted: 1521
Date joined: June 2008
Last active: 1500 days ago
by TuneRrr on 7. July 2010 20:44 • Given 5*
Cool Evo, I like colors and black rims here especially!
by INTERCEPTOR on 21. September 2010 13:41 • Given 5*
Mark21 Brazil
Mark21`s avatar

Comments posted: 5353
Date joined: December 2006
Last active: 195 days ago
by Mark21 on 19. December 2010 23:09 • Given 4*
Nasko too.

veresis Azerbaijan
veresis`s avatar

Comments posted: 2326
Date joined: December 2008
Last active: 342 days ago
by veresis on 25. September 2011 04:16 • Given 5*
first of all, nice shot for that Subaru - way better quality then the first one :>

Bout the car, well.. the hood-fb combo looks so damn BRUTAL! Also really nice job with CC and the livery. Though the vinylwork may seem bit simple, it fits to the rest of your design quite nicely. I also like very much your HL choice here, these too go really well with the body and vinyls. Nasko is right bout the 3x custom painted black parts, they do make a nice addition here. I'm only not quite sure about the rims type, they could be more aggresive/sharper ;)

And yeah, too bad you cant paint hoods (or spoilers) in UG2...

5 stars for this one.

ohh, and great song, i like it (i think i heard it somewhere, once) - thx for that too
StaneSKT Bulgaria
StaneSKT`s avatar

Comments posted: 1453
Date joined: May 2011
Last active: 4 days ago
by StaneSKT on 9. October 2011 14:14
Nice car,everything is perfect,just I think the bumpers can be one idea smaller,but this is my opinion.Very cool.
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