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:Sol's Fury: Wallpaper Pack

<< = Master Chief =Audi TT-R Concept >> by baumaxx1

Basic info

Need for Speed Undercover
Car: 2006 Pontiac Solstice GXP
Date added: Thursday, 1. January 2009
From garage: -ATC- : X1 Design
Description: Here we go... inspired by the powerful blast vinyl... I did a setting of it being the "last man standing" destroying the rest of the competition in a fiery blast. Suitable of a toughened Solstice. Brutal car! I like the Solstice... you probably think I'm weird.

Ok.. wallpapers have been made, front and back, in 5 different resolutions, 4 aspect ratios, and dual screen cosideration... in fact, I run the front @ 1080p on my primary, and a 1280x1024 rear view on my second screen. Nicely useable for my mass of icons, and my logo is hidden by the windows bar, hopefully on all, and wit's visible on the secondary and tertiary screens only.
Main- 1920x1080

Resolutions (in order):
Front 1920x1200 Front 1920x1080 Front 1680x1050 Front 1280x1024

Front 1280x960(1024x76 Back 1920x1200 Back 1920x1080 Back 1680x1050

Back 1280x1024 Back 1280x960(1024x76

So... take your pick for what suits your setup!

Also, see my first comment for the letter thingy. More to come soon hopefully, and hopefully I get an idea for a car in CTC10.

Happy New Year to Everyone!
It's the season to be giving! I was just a bit late for Christmas, lol.

And I'm trying to get some ride commenting done.


art    baumaxx1    destroy    performance    power    solstice    tough    wallpaper    

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Joined: 1. Jan 2009
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Joined: 1. Jan 2009
Finished duels


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GanZZo Romania
GanZZo`s avatar

Comments posted: 2126
Date joined: March 2009
Last active: 627 days ago
by GanZZo on 23. June 2009 02:08 • Given 5*
Nice and simple car.... I like that.... And is great for wall
TW1ST3R Australia
TW1ST3R`s avatar

Comments posted: 1232
Date joined: December 2008
Last active: 229 days ago
by TW1ST3R on 23. June 2009 15:30 • Given 5*
simple vinil design works great!

the solstice is an awsome car i love it! pity they killed it in transformers though
Wegeta Slovakia
Wegeta`s avatar

Comments posted: 718
Date joined: May 2008
Last active: 1154 days ago
by Wegeta on 23. June 2009 19:38 • Given 5*
not bad, so i dont like this car
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